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Phillip Deems

It’s Saturday…What To Do? What To Do?

How many of us slept late this morning?  I did!  How many of us are drinking a cup of coffee right now?  I am!  How many of us are working on an item from the list of our perfectly defined life?  I am!

Sounds Like A Great Opportunity

Remember, if you have a weekend day off…take about a half hour (just a half hour) out of your day of fun to work on something that will better the life of yourself, your friends or your family.  During the week, work stress can cause you to scatter your focus.  The weekend is a great time to take advantage of some clarity.   Don’t make it unpleasant!  Think of it as an opportunity. 

Ahhhh…What To Do?  What To Do?

Grab a half hour work out.  Call a long-lost family member.  Start defining your perfect life.  (Shame on you if you haven’t done this one yet!).  Work on a financial retirement plan.  Read a book on self-help. (YOU FILL IN THE BLANK)

Hey, It’s Saturday…your definition of your perfect life won’t accomplish itself.  Your happiness is worth 30 minutes.

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This entry was posted on August 4, 2012 by in Change, Forty, Planning, Success.
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