Im Your Ad Guy

Phillip Deems

You know, that one commercial that…

“Oh, you know the commercial that showed these really cute girls that are talking to the camera, and…and then a water spicket pops up and sprays the camera.  Then there was some text on the screen that says ‘What was the girl’s name’.   Who was that commercial for again?  …remember that one?”

How many times have you had the aforementioned conversation with your friends and family.  We all discuss these really cool commercials and what was in them.  That’s great!  The advertiser has done what they are supposed to do…kind of!  They have made a “remarkable” (worthy of notice or attention) commercial that has us all talking.  But, are we talking about what we should be talking about in most cases?  The product or service from the commercial?

Really fantastic commercials force you to remember what the product or service is as they are telling you a story.  Funny yet effective…Dramatic yet effective…no matter what the emotion, you remember who is paying for that commercial.  Let me give you a really good example of “Remarkable and Effective”. 

” Hello Ladies.  Look at your man…Now back to me.”  Hard to forget Old Spice body wash in this example. 

The next time you are talking about a really cool commercial around the water cooler, ask the question…”but what product was the commercial for?”  If everyone knows, we’ve done our job!

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