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Phillip Deems

Take The Off-Angles

Seeing things differently as a concept to better your skills can be described in a variety of ways.  But one of my favorite lessons comes from my fight training when … Continue reading

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Are You Selfish?

Don’t assume the answer is NO.  Answer the following questions HONESTLY. Do you consistently use your blinker when you drive? Is complimenting others a normal practice for you? Do you … Continue reading

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You’re On Your Own Kid!

Other than the rare exception that is the spoon fed adult, who by the way makes up a meager percentage of the world’s population, you are pretty much on your … Continue reading

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Tip The King and Reset The Board

In chess, sometimes you just have to lay the King down and concede the game.  I have officially put the king on its side for 2015.  But that doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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I’ve Fallen And My Next Step Is?

After you have (figuratively) fallen down.  You really only have THREE choices and I will rate them accordingly for you. Stay Down And Just Wait For Death.  You really can … Continue reading

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If two big Brands can set their differences aside for the holidays, so can you.  Now go and sing in front of your archenemies house this evening and let him … Continue reading

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Results Based Artistry!

It is a shame that we, myself included, forget that this is our jobs.  Art is Advertising and Advertising should be Art! Yes, I am mindful of our ultimate purpose … Continue reading

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