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Phillip Deems

I’ve Fallen And My Next Step Is?

After you have (figuratively) fallen down.  You really only have THREE choices and I will rate them accordingly for you.

  1. Stay Down And Just Wait For Death.  You really can do this, but I don’t suggest this one.  This is what is traditionally called…ummmm, giving up.  Impact on the world = ZERO
  2. Get Up And Play It Safe.  Also a plausible option, I would not suggest this one either.  This is what is traditionally called fear of failure, Impact on the world = ONE
  3. Get Up And Make Change.  Definitely your best choice and the one I would personally suggest.  This is what is traditionally called CEO, GAME CHANGER, PHILANTHROPIST, WORLD LEADER etc.  Impact on the world = TEN

We all fall down!  When it happens to you again, will you choose #1, #2 or #3?  What’s your next step?


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This entry was posted on December 14, 2015 by in Success.
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