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Trying To Make It Happen

…And I Fight On I am almost 6 months through my Journey To 4.0. and the three areas of my life that I have been focusing on have improved.  I … Continue reading

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Compete Or Do Nothing…It’s Your Choice

When it comes right down to it…competition is necessary.  I don’t care how you look at it.  In business and in life, you must compete in some way shape or … Continue reading

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Reasonable Requests Require A “YES”!

Now that I am an adult, I really do not have to accept “No” as an answer.  Here is what I do when I hear a “No” to a reasonable request. … Continue reading

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Hey Look! It’s the Success Fairy…Finally!

I want you to try something.  Grab your laptop, or other mobile device, and take it with you as you read this.  You ready? First, I want you to walk outside.  Now…look … Continue reading

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