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Phillip Deems

Compete Or Do Nothing…It’s Your Choice

When it comes right down to it…competition is necessary.  I don’t care how you look at it.  In business and in life, you must compete in some way shape or form at some point in time.  Is the job yours or someone elses?  Did you help your company get the account or did you lose the account to another business.  You get it.  So, is knowing how competitive you are important? 


…because you can’t get ahead if you don’t have someone or something to pass.  Stop and look at yourself.  First question.  Do you want to do something bigger and better?  If the answer is NO…then YOU LOSE and life wins.  Game over. 

If the answer is YES, move on to the second question.  Do you have these traits?

  • Passion – For Something!
  • Drive – You Can Get Things Done.
  • Ambition – A Desire To Do More.

If you do have these traits, then you are half way there.  The rest of the way involves planning and execution.  This is where you will find out if you are a competitor or not.  

No Plan, No Execution…NO VICTORY and you are just a dreamer.  Plan and Execute…YOU WIN, no matter the outcome.

I will repeat this statement until the day I die…“If you do not get in the ring, you will never know if you can be a champion.”  This is not lip service…I am going to spend the rest of my life “in the ring” seeking victories.  I hope you will join me and COMPETE for what you want in life.

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