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The Infamous Garage: EXPOSED

So my work out room (I mean GARAGE) has been exposed!!!  The infamous state of the art facility, filled with beautiful work out equipment (cough, I mean DUMB BELLS…no jokes about Phillip being one of those DUMB BELLS.  Ha!  Beat you to it.)…filled with a state of the art running device (I mean old, damn near broken treadmill)…filled with the finest air filtration systems (I mean NO AIR at all)…filled with state of the art speakers and video monitors (I mean, iPhone, computer speakers and old TV).  Okay, I’ve painted the picture, ENOUGH about my GARAGE.

State Of The Art…NO NEED!

My point in delivering a portrait of my “work out facility” is to prove that no matter where you live or what you have in life, you can still have your health.  Let’s break it down to last night’s work out.  3 of us went out into the sweat box, picked up some dumb bells, layed out some YOGA mats and had a great workout for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  I will put our routine with the limited equipment and resources up against any “silly” fad workouts, “silly” DVD’s, or “silly” new fangled (old man speak) fly by night 8 minute work outs.  Why?  Because good old-fashioned, properly executed push ups, sit ups, bench press, squat jumps, curls, over head press, shrugs etc… WILL DO THE TRICK.  And it doesn’t take a scientist or a GURU of some sort to pull it off.

Here is what it takes.  Dumb bells or your body weight and TIME!  That is it!  Every night, I want you to do something…start slow and work your way into “your state of the art work out facility” (I mean bed room, living room or garage).  When you do, carve out 30 minutes in between your favorite shows and DO SOMETHING ACTIVE.  The benefits will spread into every area of your life.

By the way…thanks Karuna for bringing us some new variables for our circuit training.  YOU ROCK!

One comment on “The Infamous Garage: EXPOSED

  1. Angela Bell-Deems
    October 6, 2012

    Yep, the truth is out! Our old garage is a great workout room! (says our house guest Kristina). I’m really glad she has an open mind! 🙂

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