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You Talking To Me?

You Talking To Me?

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No matter what profession you are in, “knowing the audience” for your good or service is the most important aspect of your job.  Obvious right?  If that is the case, then why is there so much out there, that actually enters my life that is irrelevant to me on a personal level?  I am not talking about things “I might buy or try”!  I am talking about things I would NEVER even try, that end up in my email box, on sites that I frequent on the internet, on mobile pages that I visit and believe it or not that still end up in my actual MAIL BOX.  (Remember that thing?)

Look, I understand the technology has to catch up with highly targeted product placement, but…there is a CORE AUDIENCE for specific shows…there is a CORE PROFILE for my household…there is a CORE VIEWER of your website.  Once you define who and what that CORE is, SERVE THEM SOMETHING RELEVANT.  Sure, you can serve up  products, goods, services or anything else that you think your audience “might like”, but make sure that “might like” has some thought behind it.

Here is a simple question all of us should ask when delivering a product or service to our audience…“If I was in my viewers shoes, would it affect me personally?”  If the answer is NO then don’t serve it up to them.  It’s that simple!


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