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Phillip Deems

Results Based Artistry!


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It is a shame that we, myself included, forget that this is our jobs.  Art is Advertising and Advertising should be Art!

Yes, I am mindful of our ultimate purpose to “sell products”!  Cars do have a price.  Furniture needs to be sold.  I get it!  But at a  time when the fast forward button on the remote has become a rote reaction to TV commercials.  At a time when there are more ways to consume entertainment than ever before, thus making the utilization of one single Advertising  approach tough to make work.  At a time when VIEWERS are no longer just VIEWERS, they are active participants that literally play a part in their own content consumption.  At this time, we now more than ever need to get back to producing the Advertising that our viewers, your businesses potential consumers and people in general deserve.  If we don’t, they simply won’t consume it!

The Art of Advertising is the Art of Storytelling…it is that simple.  Develop the story of the business, then share it with the world in a way that people can relate to.  Emotionally connect with people who will appreciate that specific good or service.  They will respond.

“Results Based Artistry”…I kinda like the sound of that.

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