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Phillip Deems

Please Don’t Take This Personally…Okay!

Soap Box Moment:  As I grow older, when it comes to my friendships and professional relationships, I am finding out that I am actually placing more emphasis on “Trust”.  I am not really sure why.  Maybe I am becoming less tolerant of things that negatively affect mine and my families personal space.  (This coming from the guy who quotes Scar Face all the time “Who do I trust?  Me that’s who?”  )

How many of you have heard this gem of a statement…”Don’t take it personally”.  Well, it is kind of personal if I can’t “Trust” you anymore.  Right?  Let me give you an obvious example of what I am talking about.  If we are on the same team and you are not going to block for me and if I’m not willing to block for you as a result.  It’s kind of personal, because getting tackled hurts!  So, as I step down from my Soap Box, I want everyone to know that my lack of concern for those who I can’t trust anymore…”Is Not Personal”!



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