Im Your Ad Guy

Phillip Deems

Are You Selfish?

Don’t assume the answer is NO.  Answer the following questions HONESTLY.

  1. Do you consistently use your blinker when you drive?
  2. Is complimenting others a normal practice for you?
  3. Do you say good morning regularly?
  4. Do you open doors for strangers?
  5. Do you wave to thank people who stop their car to let you cross in front of them?
  6. Do you say “We” instead of “I” in team context?
  7. Do you give ANY of your time to help those less fortunate than you?
  8. If you smoke, do you throw your cigarette butts in the trash and not on the ground?
  9. Do your social news feeds have more group pictures than selfies?
  10. Do you honestly listen to varying opinions?

If you truthfully answered yes to most of the questions above, you more than likely are NOT a selfish person.  This is an important self assessment. If you answered NO to many of the questions above, it’s not too late to let go of your selfish ways.

A society that is UNITED is better than a society that is DIVIDED.  And in my opinion unity starts with unselfish acts.


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This entry was posted on December 17, 2015 by in Success.
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