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Phillip Deems

Take The Off-Angles

Seeing things differently as a concept to better your skills can be described in a variety of ways.  But one of my favorite lessons comes from my fight training when I was younger.  (By the way, I have carried this formula all the way through my professional career and it is one of my secrets to succeeding.)  “TAKE THE OFF ANGLES.”

It’s simple in explanation, but much more difficult in application.  Traditional punching lanes have been passed down by every trainer in the business.  So, if it is common knowledge, it is commonly protected or commonly defended.  In stark contrast, the non-traditional punching lanes, they are not so easily recognized or protected.  This means if a standard right hook requires you to tie your glove to the left side of your head as a defense, you are good to go.  But, sometimes you can disguise what looks like a standard right hook as something that is between a right hook and an upper cut, thus taking an off-angle…something that is really hard to defend based on a traditional approach.  The punching lane is non-traditional, so a traditional defense is not good enough.

Apply this “out of the box”, “non traditional”, “surprise” or “off-angle” approach to business and you surprise people more often than not.

What can you learn from the fight game?  EVERYTHING!  Study up my competitive friends.


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