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Phillip Deems

Looking for Story-Tellers!

Are you the life of the party?  Do you tell funny jokes that make people laugh?  Can you hold people’s attention in meetings or events?  Then you are a more than likely a great story-teller.

This is an art form.  The combination of personality and creativity are what you have!  My advice to you is to take advantage of this in your life and in your career.  Be the lead presenter for your companies projects, become a consultant that helps businesses and individuals become better at something, take up public speaking about a passionate subject of yours, write a book or short story…no matter what it is, take advantage of your ability to grasp the spotlight. 

The story tellers are the individuals that can make positive change happen.  Tell the world a story…make them pay attention.

2 comments on “Looking for Story-Tellers!

  1. Juz
    June 13, 2010

    I love story telling and have used it in several presentations, I hate powerpoint and find people read the bullet points and have made up their own mind before you even get to them.

    Whereas if you can wrap something up in a story then people understand and aborb it much easier, one of my favourite leaders who I was lucky enough to meet once is Stephen Denning and his approach to using narrative in the workplace

    Check out his brilliant book about Leadership, change, communication and knowledge sharing in his book “Squirrel Inc” – bizarre how things sink in to you more when it is in a story format and besides who cant like little squirrels :o)

    • PhillipDeems
      June 13, 2010

      Good to hear from you!
      I agree, story telling is where success lives. What better way to hold audience attention…no matter what the situation.
      We are trying to avoid Powerpoint all together. It is an antiquated approach. There are better ways with real-time internet experiences.
      Pass it along and let’s keep the conversation going. Thanks for the advice on the book. I will go out and purchase it soon. Sounds right up my alley!!!
      Talk to you soon.

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