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Phillip Deems

Do you exist?

I know that you actually exist or you would not be able to read this blog post.  “Do You Exist” is a question you should ponder for one reason…PURPOSE.  Approach the question in two different ways. 

  1. How do you see yourself ?
  2. How do other people see you?

There is only one answer to the first question…”I see myself as a compassionate yet confident individual”.  This is the perfect human balance that applies to all situations.  Strong yet caring wins!

The answer to number two is hopefully the same as number one, but you can only have so much control over how other people see you.  So, here are some simple rules to make your first impression a memorable impression.

  • Smile and shake someones hand with a firm grip. 
  • Dress the part.  Sloppy individuals get no respect.
  • Learn the art of the conversation.  Good story tellers are always the life of any situation.  (Don’t over do it or be annoying)
  • Listen and be interested in others.  Don’t just fake it…Listen.  You may like what you hear.
  • Don’t be too early and never leave too late!  Showing up early looks desperate.  Leaving late is just annoying.

Everyone of the bullet points above will fit into any situation.  Parties, meetings, family gatherings, etc.  Be consistent in your approach to life.  Leave everyone wanting more and they have no choice but to acknowledge your presence.  Find your balance of strength and compassion…then EXIST. 

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