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Phillip Deems

Do What “The Friday People” Won’t!

A part of my strategy as I take my Journey to 4.0 is to look for opportunities.  I’ll be looking for ways to gain an advantage on my competition.  One at a time…I will be gaining market share, gaining ground and over taking those that I see are vulnerable.  It’s the Fighter’s Mentality and I expect to be a champion one day.  Here is some low hanging fruit that you can immediately bite into.  Easy pickings!

Take advantage of “The Friday People”

You probably won’t be working out on Friday.  You won’t be making cold calls today…it’s Friday.  You are going to take a longer lunch because it’s Friday.  You are going to be watching the clock and leaving early…you know, it’s Friday.  You see where I am going with this?

Many individuals will be thinking this way today…(Just go to Facebook and see how many TGIFs you can find).  Don’t you think there is an opportunity here?  I see Friday as a way to get a leg up on these aforementioned “Friday People” as I call them.

A punching flurry in the last 10 seconds of every round can win you the fight!

Doing what THEY WON’T is where you may be able to garner that advantage as well.  Is there an opportunity for you to blow past the Friday People…maybe grab a couple of dollars that they didn’t go after?  Maybe working extra hard today on your job while everyone else is taking a nap will get you noticed?

What do you think?  I think the new version of you, YOUR 4.0, can see the benefits!

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