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Phillip Deems

Bam!!! Flash Knockdown…LIFE WINS!!!

I remember when I was about 22 and really training hard to be a good fighter…I had an eye opening experience.  We were in a sparring session…I was doing quite well.  The jab was working by keeping my sparring partner confused, he was unable to get to my inside.  My cross was landing from the perfect range.  My leg kicks were stinging him pretty hard…it was just a great session for me that day.  Until…

What Just Happened?

…Until I got a little comfortable.  My hands started dropping just a bit.  (There may have been a little show boating)  I think you can see where this is going.  Yep, I stepped in to throw a right cross and what I can barely remember from this point was that I got hit REALLY HARD with a stiff jab.  It literally stopped me dead in my tracks.  Although I did not fall down, I was knocked out standing.  I stepped back a couple of feet and tried to shake the loud ringing in my head.  There was no next round and one more concussion later I started questioning my choice in second careers.

What Have You Learned?

Although I did keep training for several more years, I never forgot that moment.  I had let my guard down and gotten too comfortable.  This is where the lesson lies!!!!  If you get to comfortable in life, you tend to drop your hands, you showboat a little bit and then BAM!!!  Before you know it Flash Knockdown.

Remember that there is always someone out there doing it just a little better than you.  There is always someone out there coming after what you have, so make sure to always be on your guard when it comes to your personal and professional life.  Taking the on-coming jab, cross, leg-kick combination that life is going to throw at you for granted is not a good idea. 

Keep your hands up.  Life will kick your ass if you let it!

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