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Get In Their Heads And Bang The Drum Loudly

On assessing my Journey To 4.0, I am finding out that in some areas of my life I have been very shy… (I know those of you who know me personally don’t believe that, but it’s true).  This has been a set back!

Break Out Of Your Shell!

What I have done to remedy the situation, is look at how I handle the more successful areas of my life.  What am I doing that is so different?  Is there a set formula that I see that could be moved over to some of the less successful aspects of my life? Is it a personality thing or just consistency?  

Once you find an answer, try to plug and play what you have found to be successful into the less successful aspects of your life.  For example:  Are you having conversations about what could be done better at work with your spouse at home?  Although, they are your best friend and awesome sounding board, they can’t make things happen at work.  Those conversations should be had with a manager…with someone who can help you make change for the better.  This may stem from fear of speaking up!  Simple observation would say you don’t mind speaking up at home, right?  Why are you afraid of “tactfully” speaking up at work?

Bang The Drum Loudly

(Now, here is an assessment and remedy for the shyness I experienced in my less successful aspects of my life)  I am no longer a fan of subtlety.  Yes, there are times when you are supposed to use grace and finesse…but in today’s world, where there is an excess amount of clutter, you sometimes need to “bang the drum”.  Think about this…when you get in someone’s head…an opponent for example…you NEED to stay there and control every aspect of every situation.  They no longer can think for themselves, you do it for them.  They no longer can think straight, because you are messing with their mind…banging the drum so loud, they can’t even hear themselves think.  This is a technique that athletes have perfected and so can you when it comes to your life!!!

Life Is Your Opponent

Don’t think of your opponent, “life”, as an enemy!  Think of life as a game…a chess match.  Control “The Game”, don’t let it control you.  Don’t let life GET IN YOUR HEAD and bang the drum loudly.  When it does, you won’t be able to think straight, you won’t be able to control your own actions…you get the drift.

Get In Life’s Head And BANG AWAY!

7 comments on “Get In Their Heads And Bang The Drum Loudly

  1. karenleblanc
    August 3, 2012

    Today I will bang the drum loudly. There are definitely areas of my life that need to hear the drumbeat! Thanks for the inspiring post.

    • PhillipDeems
      August 3, 2012

      Thanks for reading and I know you will be!

  2. michael
    August 3, 2012

    Who do you consider to be an opponent in this scenario?

    • PhillipDeems
      August 3, 2012

      Great question. I am always playing chess against LIFE. Everything lives under that umbrella. The real key is to take and maintain control of as many aspects of your life as you can. I never let things get too far out of control because I make it a habit to step back and assess my strengths and weaknesses on a normal basis. There ultimately is always an opponent…even if it is yourself. Thanks for reading.

      • michael
        August 3, 2012

        I was just wondering because you don’t strike me a particularly adversarial though I can tell from your stories that you know how to compete. I understand the concept of approaching certain challenges in a game-like manner because it takes the ‘personal’ out of the equation. With less personal validation at stake, a competitor usually second-guesses themselves less and is therefore more relaxed and able to function more efficiently without the binds of stress. I think it can get tricky and cumbersome though when another person becomes something to be conquered like an opponent. That person is then merely an object. And what good is it to win if in the process, you end up standing amongst a bunch of inanimate objects with no opportunity to connect? In other words, what have you really won?

        btw, sent a video to derrick…didn’t have your email to send it to you as well.

      • PhillipDeems
        August 3, 2012

        Great assessment. Taken literally some of my posts can seem adversarial, but my goal is to empower people to look at life and fight (figuratively) for what they want. I find that many people tend to cruise through life not really stopping to ask the question “What do I really want?”. Before you know it you have built something that was someone else’s vision of your ideal life.
        I am passionate in my approach to Life and it is based on The Fighter’s Mentality that was ingrained in my head all these years. I compete in business in a way that is strategic and I fight for what I want when it comes to my ideal life, how I can help others and how I can provide for my family. I will bang the crap out of the drum loudly so life can’t figure me out.
        Thanks for reading and my email address is Hit me up.

    • PhillipDeems
      August 3, 2012

      Oh and by the way all individuals remain nameless. Ha!

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