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Your Head Is An Excuse Factory!

Thanks To My Readers…I Truly Adore You!

I really appreciate everyone reading my blog as I take my Journey To 4.0.  It is my goal, and I constantly remind myself of this, to help others better themselves through relentlessly consistent empowerment.  But, I will say that I am not good at sympathy when it comes to excuses.  This is where my posts on empowerment can sometimes sound very “Drill Sargeant”.  I will not apologize for this…let me explain myself.


I grew up with a wonderful family!  I really was a lucky child and to this day I feel blessed to have such a caring family.  But the men in our family came from “STRONG STOCK”.  Let’s see, Boxer’s, Police Officers, World War Vets, Vietnam Vets (Go Army), Navy Men (Go Navy as well), Athletes…you get the drift.  It was great to have such strong male influences from every side of our family.  I am not sure I used to think this, sometimes it literally hurt…“shake it off”, “don’t rub it, boy” and many more cliché statements were heard by me.  But now, when I look back at all the times I was given tough love, I smile internally and thank the ground that I walk on for every moment.  It really shaped me into the human being I am today.

Excuses Are Lazy 

As a child I remember, in many situations, coming up with reasons why I couldn’t do something, why I didn’t try this or do that.  I am sure we all did it as children growing up.  There were many reasons to not do what you didn’t want to do!  You know what my parents response was? …“That’s A Bad Excuse, Now Get It Done!”  No sympathy!  They had been there and they knew the outcome of an “Excuse Factory”…yep, the outcome would be a spoiled, lazy and unproductive adult.  You know the type…the person who always complains, whines about stuff, is never happy, and really is LAZY.  I AM NOT A FAN OF THIS.  (By the way if you are a little offended right now, you may have some of the “Excuse Factory” traits above…it is not my intention to offend, it is my intention to empower you to change.)

You Betta Recognize!  No More Excuses!

Okay, although no one is perfect (just ask my wife…LOVE YOU HONEY), you can quickly remedy any “Excuse Factory” problems that may occur in your life.  This will sound a little ridiculous, but it works.  It starts with recognition.  Whenever you hear someone else start coming up with “a reason” to not perform a task…”a reason” to not work out…”a reason” to not apply for the manager position…”a reason” to not take that vacation…”a reason” to not finish that project, STOP then label it as a bad excuse.  SAY IT OUT LOUD to the person who is making the excuse.  (Be nice about it, please)  Do it in the same manner that my family used to “That’s A Bad Excuse, Now Get It Done!” Or, if it is your spouse, maybe you say something like “Excuses Are Not Sexy!”.  I am sure that one will make a mark.  (WINK LADIES)  You get what I am saying about recognition, right?  It is the acknowledgment of the excuse that will train your brain to recognize when you or someone else is being a whiner, or someone who is lazy.  Once you recognize, you make the excuse tangible, then you DEAL WITH IT. 

This is the first step to shutting down the “Excuse Factory” in your head.  Believe me when I tell you excuses are a disease that will hamper your growth as a human being.  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO, but you MUST deal with the excuse hurdle first.

****FOOT NOTE*** (Are there GOOD EXCUSES?  I am sure there are!  But, we are not talking about disease or handicaps.  These are not considered excuses…they are considered to be limitations)

2 comments on “Your Head Is An Excuse Factory!

  1. mzimmardi
    August 5, 2012

    There is a big difference between finding excuses and looking for reasons. I think it is better to find out why something wasn’t done and correct it rather than just jumping in and doing it without thought.
    Example: I am never going to get a tattoo because I don’t want one. That’s not an excuse, that’s a reason.
    I like most of what you say, but I partially disagree with this.

    • PhillipDeems
      August 5, 2012

      Great points. But those in my book are defined as reasons, not excuses. In context, the word is not used like “being excused” from something. It is like”making excuses” for not doing something for the betterment of “self”. Thanks for helping me with the clarity. Valid points that I would agree with you on when placed outside of context. Thanks for reading and lets keep the conversation flowing.

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