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The Assessment Strategy

Personal Development is Complex!

Okay, I know I write a great deal in this blog about successes.  But, what happens when you feel things are not going right?  Let’s talk FAILURE for a moment today!

This Just Isn’t Working!

On my Journey To 4.0, I have hit many milestones that I am very proud of…I have also missed a couple as well.  This is not a bad thing!  So to make sure that I am constantly evolving as a human being, I like to implement what I call the The Assessment Strategy.  (Simple title…simple implementation) I do this once a month to make sure that I cleanse the practices that aren’t working and bolster the practices that are working.  Here’s what I do.

1. Look at my list!  (If you don’t have one, start today.  You can’t be successful chasing AIR!  Your list makes it tangible)  I question what on that list has been successful in terms of hitting the milestones or unsuccessful in terms of missing the marks I have set for each item.  Once I assess each item quickly…I make a note, positive or negative, about each item.

2. Assess Each Item.  I really think about each item and how it fits into my long-term plan.  If it is physical fitness and I am not seeing the type of results I expected, I research a different form of exercise.  If I have not lived up to my milestones when it comes to my personal development (attitude for example), I research a different route to get to my defined attitude expectations. 

3. Add / Delete.  This is the most important step.  After I assess each item, I find that some of the things I thought were going to make things better, may have made things worse or just didn’t work.  If this is the case, I delete this item off of my list!  I then check to see if there is something that I can add that may replace the item I deleted?  If so, I make sure I have learned from what failed on the first go around, then replace the item with the intention of NOT making the same mistake.

 This Should Be Quick And Simple…Set A Half Hour Every Month!

Your own Assessment Strategy should be executed in a way that is not cumbersome.  Add it to the calendar in your phone to a day that is not busy for you every month.  Set a reminder.  You will NOT do it unless you write it down.  (As you can see, I really like to stress the tangibility of things)

Make it fun by getting your spouse or a family member involved.  Ask them questions like “Have you seen positive changes in this area from me?”  “Did this technique that I tried to implement make things worse or better in your mind?”  Take their answers to heart or just use them as a reference, but either way make sure that you are looking at yourself objectively.

Because Personal Development Is Complex…

…everyone needs to stop and take a look  themselves.  There are many positives such as:

  • Eliminating bad habits you didn’t know existed
  • Getting rid of wasteful things in your life
  • Stopping to enjoy the successful completion of milestones
  • Just getting to know yourself better

List It!  Implement It!  Assess It!  Rinse Then Repeat!

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