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Phillip Deems

The Domino Effect


My journey to work this morning reminded me of one of my personal list items for my Journey To 4.0.  As I was driving, (of course I was blaring my music loudly…probably singing or something silly) I saw this driver that was acting very aggressive.  By the way, we were all stuck in the same traffic and there was really nowhere to go.  As this person passed me, I looked over.  They had this really crappy look on their face and you could tell that they were just having a horrible morning! 


We all have bad mornings every now and then, but what I remember saying to myself in my head was…”Don’t let this person’s bad morning affect your day!”  (list item) I am glad I told myself that, because as this individual nearly crashed into every car they passed or tail gated, they pissed someone off.  It literally caused a DOMINO EFFECT. 

You Are In Control…

There are two lessons here.  One…remember to never let your external environment control your mood.  (Read my recent post, Don’t Be A Journey Killer, for more thoughts on this)  Someone else’s bad day should not make a difference to you and if it does, you are not in control.  Two…remember that your mood CAN affect other people who are around you.  You are essentially setting up other people for failure when you act irrationally, aggressively, or in a manner that is generally considered negative.   

Think first before you flick that first domino that causes them all to topple!

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