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Phillip Deems

Before A Fire Becomes A Blaze.

Think of negative thoughts as little fires.  They can pop up at any time.  If you let them burn they will eventually turn into a HUGE fire that will be damn near be impossible to extinguish.

Recognize Negative Thoughts

The best thing to do to stay positive is to first recognize your negative thoughts.  Really listen to yourself as you think, speak and act during the day.  This will help you start noticing the little negative things you do that you really were not aware of.  “What was he thinking when he put that on today?”  “Uggggh, I really hate my job!”  “Monday’s suck!”  “How did he get this job…He is really an idiot!”  Those are fires!

Put The Fires Out

Now that you have recognized your fires or negative thoughts, slowly start putting them out as they pop up.  The moment and I mean the moment you hear yourself start to say “But…(INSERT RANDOM NEGATIVE THOUGHT)”, stop yourself!  Put the fire out!  Turn it into a positive thought or just extinguish it!

This may sound silly at first, but you will be amazed at how quickly you start recognizing the change from negative to positive.  Less fires start popping up in your head. 

Negativity can really set you back personally and professionally, so make sure you start putting out all the little fires before they turn into a blaze.

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