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Phillip Deems

How’s That Working For Ya?

Most of the time I am a positive guy!  (I say most of the time…generally my wife is the only one who gets to hear me rant.  Love you honey!!!)  I am even made fun of for my positivity at work…here’s why.  I am not a fan of whining and complaining…especially if it comes out of my mouth. 

How’s That Working For Ya?

I want you to look at yourself today.  Take notes every time something negative comes out of your mouth.  If you find out that you tend to say more negative than positive…you might have a problem.  Remember, what you say and do is seen by your peers as “your personality”. 

Do you want people to think your personality is negative?

Being negative gets you no where, so STOP yourself the next time you start talking about someone else or whining about something you can’t fix.  It’s really not attractive.  Practice looking at the positive in every situation…find solutions instead of things to complain about.

I would rather my colleagues joke with me about being positive than be repelled by my negativity.

2 comments on “How’s That Working For Ya?

  1. William Hogue
    September 20, 2012

    This is good Phillip. I work at this every day. It makes me a much more enjoyable & useful person to be around.

    • PhillipDeems
      September 20, 2012

      You always have a positive outlook Bill. I remember what a pleasure it was to work with you! Thanks for reading.

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