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Old School vs. New School And Why YOU Should Care. “Sweet Science”

What does Old vs. New really mean because in all honesty one would not exist without the other.  Why would you even ask such a question or even care?  I think comparing old school and new school examples helps open your mind when it comes to bettering yourself…so, let’s look at it in terms of EVOLUTION.

To Evolve From Something…

…this is kinda what we are talking about when we compare old and new.  EVOLUTION.  For example…

  • Boxing was not as advanced way back when.  Boxers used to hold their hands in different positions  than we know today.  They spun their hands in these odd like little circles and defense was not necessarily advanced for the most part.  Many times they stuck their chins way up in the air.  (Now that’s a NO NO in today’s world)  For the most part it wasn’t about speed, off angles and defensive techniques.  It was rudimentary as compared to what we know today.  (But then again, there was unlimited rounds and they fought until someone got knocked out or couldn’t continue.  CRAZY RIGHT?)
Chin Up Hands Forward

Nice Mustache. 🙂

  • Now let’s compare that to the EVOLVED boxer…”The Sweet Science”.  It all starts with the tucked chin, tight elbows that protect the body, and higher hand positioning that is closer to the head.  Advanced defensive techniques like bob and weave are sometimes used as offensive techniques designed to draw an opponent in.  Feints, Rope A Dope, Off-Angles, Non-Traditional Lanes, Speed and much more has given the new boxer distinct advantages on a pound for pound basis.  Over the years, it really did turn into a science.  (Let’s not talk about the introduction of MMA because that is a whole new world that would take hours to discuss…MMA is REAL EVOLUTION.  Let’s save it for another day)

Sweet Science…Glove Tied To Head, Tucked Chin, Off Angle. A “Studied Approach”.

So, now let’s get down to why this example matters to you as an individual.  Think of yourself as “a boxer”.  Once you are able to cohere and understand, your training has begun.  You actually used to look like that old boxing picture up there…you know the dude with the mustache.  (Hee)  Now, I know I would not go back to that look…but I digress. 

When you add the “sweet science” to your approach to life…YOU EVOLVE.  You become “FIGURATIVELY” faster, stronger, more defensive, smarter…YOU EVOLVE and pound for pound start to compete with LIFE for whatever you want.  If you don’t add the “sweet science” or as I call it “the sauce that makes everything taste better”  (Sorry for that) …What do you have?  You have that old picture with the old mustache…you get my drift.

Add the “sweet science” to your life and evolve into the type of fighter you know you can be.  The type of individual who competes in the modern world…EVOLVE into the new you.  This is the “Fighter’s Mentality”.

2 comments on “Old School vs. New School And Why YOU Should Care. “Sweet Science”

  1. trippletwo
    October 1, 2012

    Brilliant topic. Would be nice if you can write more posts on examples relating to oldschool and newschool. Nice meeting you through signals and vibes.


    • PhillipDeems
      October 1, 2012

      Thanks for reading and I will crank out some old vs new in the coming weeks. Keep the conversation going.

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