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Phillip Deems

A Tree Without Roots…

…Will Definitely Fall Over. 

This is something that I remind myself of frequently.  In our ever evolving world filled with individuals looking for quick money, quick success and easy relationships…this statement reminds me of the true ROCKS in our society. 

  • The Athletes that overcome injury, size and mental drawbacks
  • The business men who spend years developing the perfect product
  • The citizen who spends years saving money for their first home
  • The employee who stays with a company for decades just to get into management
  • The young person who spends half a lifetime becoming a doctor…who spends the same amount of time perfecting a specialized technique that saves lives
  • The couple who didn’t quickly give up on their relationship, when clearly the love was there

What makes these types of individuals more successful than you and me?  They have ROOTS for the tree that is them!

A Strong Foundation…

…takes time to develop.  The best fighters, athletes and business professionals in the world spent time working on becoming the best.  This meant years of training, studying and failing. 

But what it ultimately comes down to is that when the wind blows or when someone pushes them…they go no where.  You can’t knock them down.  They stand firm in the face of adversity or change and as cliché as you think this sounds, it is the truth.  We all need to be reminded of this.

Relax, Learn and Master

Please slow down and master your craft.  Take the time necessary to become the best.  Put in the extra hours and stop looking for a quick solution.  Quick growth leads to a weak tree…a tree whose roots never had time to develop.

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This entry was posted on October 29, 2012 by in Success.
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