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Phillip Deems


What have you given up for the greater good?  Have you ever put yourself in harm’s way for your family, your friends or what about your country? 

If not, maybe you just haven’t had the opportunity, but know that every single day, there are heroes who have left their homes and placed themselves in danger.  Why?  For you and me to have the life that we have…the freedoms that we enjoy.  This type of SACRIFICE deserves more than a couple of days a year in observance.  These individuals deserve MORE.

I say to all the Veterans out there…THANK YOU for everything you have done for our country.  My hope is that this nation gives you back, ten-fold, what you have given to it. 

Thank A Soldier Today!  Let Them Know You Care.


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This entry was posted on November 12, 2012 by in Success.
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