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Space Invaders; Not The Video Game

This one is interesting to me on many levels, but I will try to keep it nice and focused. 

I Sound Like An Old Man…

Times have officially changed, or have they, I am not sure?  But I will tell you, as an observant individual, there is an…let’s call it interesting…phenomenon going on now a days.  The Space Invaders have landed!!!!!

There is no more personal space!  I remember the days when you could go to a public place, sit down quietly, have a bagel, a cup of coffee and enjoy yourself.  Now, I am not a social misfit or anything, but sometimes you just want to relax and be alone with your thoughts.   Ahhhh…it doesn’t exist anymore.  Let’s describe today’s space invaders, shall we?

  1. The Bad Grandpa!  As I walk into what you would consider to be a classy establishment that serves food, I am damn near run over by a child.  I thought to myself…she’s cute, but wait, where are her parents?  No where to be found…so as I stand in line to order…she comes to run a couple of circles around me, then makes her way back through the restaurant.  She finally makes it over to her grandpa who was apparently encouraging her to mingle (for lack of a better term), so he can have his peace and quiet.  It has begun!
  2. The Space Invader!  There were only a couple of us in line.  No need to breathe down my neck and stand right next to me as if you are married to me.  It was REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE.  If I turned around we would have had to have a cigarette (if you get what I mean).  I don’t even smoke and I definitely don’t have sex with strangers in line at Panera.
  3. The Loud Talkers!  So, after I order, I go to sit down (I pass the Bad Grandpa and I have luckily shaken the Space Invader) and here comes a group that you would think was partially deaf or something due to the fact they were yelling loudly in a normally quiet venue.  4 kids and two adults come sit right next to me and I mean right next to me.  By the way, there were 10 tables around me that were empty.  Jeez.  The lady lets her child go as if to release a wound toy or something.  He takes off…starts screaming, comes over to my table…I smile at him…he takes off to go to someone else’s table.  At this point, I think I am in a skit or something…I am waiting for the cameras to be revealed.  Nope, the other lady starts telling someone she is going to call the police, loudly, because of something that happened while she was baby sitting.  Oh my!

Have I Become Less Tolerant Or…

Has our society gone wild?  Everyone who knows me, knows that I am very social and I enjoy being around people…But I do not recall it being this bad growing up.  I remember mom taking me out of shopping centers to remind me of how to act in public.  I remember being taken home because I was interrupting the peace as I pitched a fit in a restaurant.  I remember being taught how to “sit still”.  Are these lessons not taught to children and do the adults or parents that interact in public not remember them?  Because they seem to be just as disruptive!

So, as I sit here and rant…”my buddy” (one of the loud talkers) is pacing back and forth, right next to me, as she tries to now put her child to sleep.  Right now…as I sit here…I hear “my other buddy” (the other loud talker) having a conversation with the same person who is trying to put her child to sleep.  By the way, I have headphones on…I still hear them.  Right now…as I sit here…I am discouraged!

My advice to everyone is this.  Smile, be social and initiate interaction, but know when you are welcome, know when you are invited, know when and where it is okay to be loud and disruptive (playgrounds, hockey or football games, etc…) know when to leave and most importantly understand “Personal Space”. 

I ain’t mad at ya!  I am just dissappointed…and as I remember that is much worse.  My Journey Continues (quietly)

2 comments on “Space Invaders; Not The Video Game

  1. Cindy
    January 13, 2013

    Thanks! I had a LONG day of travel and needed some humor tonight! This was perfect!

    • PhillipDeems
      January 13, 2013

      It’s sad but true. Glad I could make ya smile after a lot of traveling. You know the types though, I am sure. How many of these have you come across?

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