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Phillip Deems

Finger Pointing Is Pointless


“You Know The Problem”?  “No, But I Bet You Are Going To Tell Me!”

An interesting thing happens in business sometimes and it troubles me.  I am sure you have all experienced this.  Someone comes in to your office or your cubicle and starts to discuss all of the problems that exist within the organization.  They tend to bring up everything and everyone.


“You mean to tell me that ‘so and so’ is the reason for us not hitting our goals”?  “Wow, really…you mean ‘so and so’ needs to be fired”!  “So and So is hurting our chances for success”?

So, You Don’t Think It’s YOU That Might Be The Problem?

I’m just saying.  You might want to use your time a little more wisely.  Try looking at how YOU might be able to HELP the organization.  If you have had the time to assess all of the problems in the building, you certainly better have made the time to solve them.

Use your fingers for typing out solutions, not for pointing out problems.  Just my opinion…I certainly welcome yours.

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