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4.0…My Personal Journey Has Ended.

“RECOGNIZE that you have problems, then WANT to solve those problems.  Begin there!  End Here!  Physically, I am feeling fit again.  Personally, I am feeling in control again.”

NOTE:  Yesterday, I wrote a little about my physical Journey To 4.0 and what it took to get to where I am currently.  Today, I would like to write a little bit about my personal journey as it pertains to better relationships on a personal and professional level.

“Why are you so angry today”?  

In the modern world of advertising, stress can become a part of your daily life and as my wife will tell you, it can mentally crush even the most positive person.  Multiple Deadlines, Mass Idea Generation, Producing, Writing, Directing, Presentations, Meetings, Budgets, New Business Development, Management…all are a part of my world on a daily basis.  12 hour days become easy after a while.  But when someone would ask me the BOLD question above…”Why are you so angry”?  My only good answer was “I’m just unbelievably busy…Sorry”.  Like it was my team’s fault for making me busy or something!

After a blow up at work one day, (it was at about the same time I blew up about being out of shape.  Click here for yesterday’s blog) I finally decided that something was out of character for me.  I am inherently NOT an angry person.  I was losing my grip as a Manager.

No More Outbursts

Personally, I knew I could fix this quickly.  Just like my physical journey that had just started, I made a promise to myself to start my journey toward a healthier demeanor that would ultimately lead back to healthier relationships.  So, just like everything else, I wrote it down and aggressively pursued my 10 goals on my Journey To 4.0.  (The following is in a random order)

  1. When you start to feel angry, acknowledge that your angry.  Then quickly count to 3, breath and move on with the conversation at hand.  If you still feel angry, leave the room for a couple of minutes.  Come back and continue.
  2. Spend more time with my wife.
  3. Mentally leave work at work.
  4. Any situation left unresolved can wait until the morning time.  Unless it is a complete emergency, leave it alone.
  5. Make more time for your friends and family.
  6. Make sure to respect your employees.  Let them be creative.
  7. Have fun at work.
  8. Actually take all of your vacation time.
  9. Put every situation into perspective.  One question…am I or is someone else going to die over this situation?
  10. SMILE
They Say It Can't Be Done...They Are The Crazy Ones!

They Say It Can’t Be Done…They Are The Crazy Ones!

I can honestly say, without going into too many details, it worked.  My anger and frustration is no longer a problem and all though I still have a great deal to work on…there is an obvious difference in my demeanor from one year ago.

I wrote it down and aggressively pursued it.  I feel closer to my wife, my friends and my family.  I feel closer to my team members at work and I definitely feel better as a human being.  I will never stop striving for better and have already started plotting this year’s goals.

“RECOGNIZE that you have problems, then WANT to solve those problems.  Begin there!  End Here!  Physically, I am feeling fit again.  Personally, I am feeling in control again.”

4.0 means the new version of me…what does 4.0 mean to you?


2 comments on “4.0…My Personal Journey Has Ended.

  1. Lizz Mikl
    May 21, 2013

    What does 4.0 mean to me? About 9 more years 😉

    • PhillipDeems
      May 21, 2013

      That’s what 4.0 means to me. 4.0 can mean a new version of you. I don’t want anyone to get lost in the literal. Thanks for reading.

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