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WHAT…I Mean WHO Is Holding You Back?

Ummm...It's Quite Possible.

Ummm…It’s Quite Possible.

There was a moment in my life where I was spiraling out of control.  I had no clue why.  I was a college graduate, I had a great job and a great family.  Apparently all of that stuff did not really matter at the time because I was going nowhere!  But….Now…I am now one of the happiest guys on the planet.  So, what changed?

My surroundings!

I remember standing in my brand new, very small apartment at the age of 24…thinking to myself, “something feels right”, even though I had the same ambitions, drive and for the most part the same career path.  Well, it turned out that what felt right was the people surrounding me at the time.  What I learned about personal and professional relationships over the next couple of years shaped everything about me.  Here are 3 of my simple rules when it comes to relationships.

  1. If you feel they have a hidden agenda, move on.  If they have an open agenda, assess whether it’s a mutually beneficial friendship.  (I am not talking financial, I am talking mutual benefits like…fun, great conversations, support etc.)
  2. Consistent negativity is not for me!  Every one has bad days, but the good must out weigh the bad.
  3. Relationships must never be one-sided. A consistent imbalance will hold you back from happiness.

When you gently dissolve the bad relationships and willingly develop healthy, mutually beneficial friendships…you will ultimately find more.  More success.  More Smiles.  More support.  More guidance.  More of everything that life has to offer.

Don’t be a magnet for the negative.  Attract the positive people toward you and watch what happens next.

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