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Phillip Deems

Lucky Is Great! But, It Will Run Out.

“Hey I just tripped and fell on a great advertising campaign!  Sweeeet…let me try to trip again.  Wait, the second time, it actually just caused a bruise.”    Let’s call this Accidental Advertising.


We can argue all day about what successful advertising is or isn’t.  Your opinion about one piece of creative verses the other is just that.  But what really matters when it comes to an advertising campaign?  What is the most important thing?  Well, RESULTS of course silly!

Obvious right.  If that is the case, then why isn’t every advertising campaign successful.

  1. There was no real understanding of the product.  You MUST live in the shoes of the product that you are advertising.  If you do not try them on for size, wear them around for a while, define the attributes and what makes them different…then you WILL FAIL at putting together a campaign that delivers real, long term results.
  2. There was no real understanding of the people who buy or who will potentially buy the product.  You must understand people’s potential motives for buying whatever product you are promoting.  Once you figure it out, these first two points go hand and hand.  Focus aggressively on this and not how cute, clever or creative you can be.

These are only a couple of the many reasons as to why advertising campaigns don’t get real results.  But if you’re telling yourself that these are obvious…AD FUNDAMENTALS so to speak…then let’s ask the question again.  Why do advertising campaigns fail at all? Exactly!  Ad Fundamentals are where every campaign has to start.  Without them…you’re just getting LUCKY and I am sure that you can’t present LUCK as one of the reasons to work with you or your team.  Can you imagine that…“Hey Mr. Customer, you should work with us because sometimes we get LUCKY!”  


Good luck with that.  (Get it…good luck with that?  I apologize for that one.)

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