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Taking The #SuperBowl High Road (hashtag)

Shameless Plug Ahead

I see the #SuperBowl bandwagon as it is passing me today.  Take note of the word “passing”, because I am going to take the #SuperBowl high road today.  I am choosing not to shamelessly plug my “I’m Your Ad Guy” (#ImYourAdGuy or blog during (hashtag) #SuperBowlSunday.  I am choosing not to make any #SuperBowl predictions. (Although Peyton Manning is awesome. #DenverBroncos) Nor am I going to try to be the first to get people to click on my “I’m Your Ad Guy” blog post by selfishly posting the #SuperBowlCommercials.  (See some of my favorite commercials below.  What?  They may or may not be airing in the #SuperBowl today.  Oh, they may or may not have also aired in #SuperBowl ‘s past).

Nope, “I’m Your Ad Guy” (Phillip Deems as some of you know me) is going to avoid attaching himself to the (hashtag) Super Bowl Bandwagon.  So, while you’re watching all of the commercials today, note that I will NOT be bugging you with my opinion about the winner of the #CommercialsFromTheSuperBowl .  (Anyone feel like a Budweiser…I mean for some reason, I feel like buying a puppy, riding a horse and using the hashtag #BestBuds or #PuppyLove.  Not sure why though?  Hmmmmm) 

So, sit back and enjoy the #SuperBowl today knowing that #PhillipDeems, #ImYourAdGuy,, and #L6A will NOT be jumping on the #SuperBowl bandwagon today.  #DenverBroncos #SeattleSeahawks #NFL 

Oh, FYI, some of my favorite Super Bowl commercials, pretty much jive with the Fast Company article below.

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday.

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