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“The Monitor” is here!

Right now, we use 4 electronic platforms separately.  You may watch TV as you are playing games on your mobile phone or your laptop while listening to your favorite radio station, but they are still separate devices.  The Television, Radio, Internet and Mobile platforms are quickly starting to converge.  Imagine a world where all of these mediums work together as one!  Here is your ‘not so distant’ future.

As you pull into your driveway from work, you turn on your lights in your home with your smart phone.  You unplug your radio (I mean smart phone) from its docking station as you lock your car doors.   As you walk in your door to the house, you turn on your TV (I mean MONITOR) with your smart phone and quickly order your dinner through your MONITOR’s wireless internet connection.   It’s your favorite Pizza joint or Chinese restaurants web site.  Oh and they deliver, no need to call them on your smart phone. 

You use your smart phone to put your MONITOR on your favorite internet radio site or you just play your favorite songs off of your MONITOR’s hard drive as you get ready to change clothes.  The music is being piped in wirelessly to the speakers you have set up throughout the house.  Oh wait, you get a phone call.  Your smart phone interrupts the music and you answer as you hear your spouse through the speakers in your house.  “Honey, I will be home a little late.  My plane is delayed.  I will Skype you later so I can see the kids before you put them to bed.”  You reply through the wireless speakers in the house as you are changing into your comfy clothes.  “Okay honey, talk to you tonight.” 

After you change, your food is delivered and you sit down to watch your favorite shows.  You use your smart phone to flip through your on-demand programming.  “CSI? No.  Survivor?  Vampire Diaries?  No…oh, let’s watch Big Bang Theory.”  As you watch Big Bang Theory, you fast forward through those pesky commercials and avoid clicking the brand logos that are floating on the lower third of your MONITOR’s screen.  As you fly through the advertisements you see a pop up that says Jenny is poking you.  So, you use your smart phone to click the Facebook icon that popped up on your MONITOR and start your chat with Jenny while you finish watching Big Bang Theory. 

“I love those shoes!”  You pause the program and click on the shoes that your favorite actor is wearing.  It takes you to their web site and you purchase a pair for yourself.  You go back to watching your show and talking to Jenny on Facebook.  “Very Cool” at the end of Big Bang Theory, they just promoted visiting the CBS web site to enter the ‘Win a trip to LA contest’.  You enter by clicking the ‘Enter Here’ icon on your MONITOR.  You also send Jenny the link to the contest as you are talking to her in the discussion box…

I will conclude there, but you get my point.  To some of you, this is not so farfetched.  As a matter of fact, most of the ideas in the scenario above are already in play. , , Apple TV, Project Natal and Netflix TV are just a few examples of this forward thinking. 

There is much more coming in the next few years.  What am I missing in this new on-demand world?  Your thoughts?

2 comments on ““The Monitor” is here!

  1. Angela
    May 10, 2010

    This is on it’s way now! I remember using Web TV 10 years ago. I think all of this will connect to the I Pad any day now.

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