Im Your Ad Guy

Phillip Deems

The Conversation

What is the major difference between old advertising and new advertising approaches.  “The Conversation”!

Traditionally, advertisers talked at you.  They had no choice!  They lead you down the path whether you liked it or not.  Now advertisers talk with you.  They initiate the conversation, listen to you and if they are good, swiftly respond to your needs.  How?  Through Social Networking.  Social Mediums have given you the power to interact and ultimately influence Brands.  Why do you think all of the largest companies in the world are investing in Facebook pages and Twitter accounts?  They are excited about the conversation they are having with you.  Take advantage of it!  As technology converges, you will be even more in control. 

The next time you are on Facebook or Twitter, look for your favorite companies page.  It will be there!  Open up the dialogue and make your favorite Brand better.

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