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Phillip Deems

You’re hired…just let me check your Facebook page first!

Now that social networking is a lot more ‘Social’, you might want to be careful what you post.  Every employer…I mean every employer is now checking your social networking pages before they hire you.  If you are looking to further your career or hold on to the great career you have, follow the tips below.

1.  Pictures of social drinking are okay.  Pictures of you slamming a beer that you just poked a hole in…not okay.  No matter how innocent, it looks bad on your part and could potentially harm your chances for advancement.

2. Frequent posts with mass amounts of cussing…not okay.  Again, I am not judging…I am just notifying you of perception.

3.  NEVER diss your career on the social networks.  It will get back to your boss eventually.  I personally wouldn’t hire frequent complainers. 

4.  Do not ‘like’, ‘friend’ or ‘follow’ anyone who can’t live by the first 3 tips.  They can also harm your chances of future advancement.  I live by the rule “You are who you hang out with!”  Your crazy friends will eventually post something stupid that will make you look bad.

5.  Join positive pages or groups.  Spend most of your time on the Social Networks bettering yourself in some way shape or form.  Look for creative individuals who can make you a better person.  Again, “You are who you hang out with!”

Remember, everyone can see what you are doing now a days.  It does not matter whether it is fair or not.  Use the social networks to your advantage.  If you would like to see what not to do, just run down your friends list really quickly.  I bet you will find a couple of people who you wouldn’t hire if you were an employer!

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