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Phillip Deems

Be Careful What You Ask For.

Be Careful What You Ask For?  Ummmmm…Okay!

Although I get the gist of this statement when it comes to your career or business, I am baffled by its context.  “Be careful, because if you actually get the thing you are asking for, you might regret it”.  Really?  Unless you are asking to be in some organized crime ring or gang or something, you pretty much know the outcome of what you are requesting. 

What is the worst that could happen in most cases?

  • You may get that raise you are requesting.
  • You may get that promotion you have been working hard for.
  • You may get to be the lead on the campaign that is underway at your company.
  • You may actually positively change your work environment.

Hmmmmmm…if you ask me, I say Don’t Be Careful What You Ask For!  Ask away, you may just get what you want.

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