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Political TV…let me help you get elected. AGAIN!

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***I am Phillip Deems and I still approve of this message!***

Well…we have all seen the Political Ads that have been running.  Yep!  I agree.  But, how many of those Television Advertisements (oops, I mean candidates) did you vote for?  Because I am sure that you did your homework on each and every candidate allowing you to make an informed decision. Yep!  Not so much…Right?  Am I wrong?

It is very important that I footnote this blog post by saying that I love the Political Season and the advertising dollars it generates.  This rant is not a knock on Political Spending!  It is a knock on Political Content!

Mr. Candidate, I implore you to change your evil “content” ways!  You use your precious ad time (mostly :30 second commercials) to tell me one of two things.  If you are on “side A”…(Stop it! No political labels in this blog post.)…you are telling me that we as a country need to get the lifetime politicians out of office.  If you are on “side B”, you counter with candidate scandals that include corrupt business ventures that made “said candidate” tons of money.  Basically, you are saying they are having to buy their way into office.

Mr. Candidate, what have you told me as a voter that is going to help me?  Side A…I need to hire someone with no political experience?  Side B…Don’t hire someone who knows how to make money?  REALLY?  I give both sides a big “SWING AND A MISS”.

Mr. Candidate, let me help you change your evil content ways.  The answer is to tell me and the millions of other people who vote what you are actually going to do when you get into office.  Hmmmmm, how novel!  (It is so obvious a toddler could pull it off in a :30 second commercial)

Step 1.  After you introduce yourself to me, set up your agenda.

Step 2.  Tell me “in 3 bullet points” how you are going to execute on your agenda.  (Example…Don’t just tell me you are going to create jobs, tell me “how” you are going to create jobs.)

Step 3.  Conclude your commercial with your call to action.  (Example…”Vote for me!”.)  Oh yeah, and add that “I approve of this message” crap.  Of course you do! 

It is that easy to make a more effective :30 second commercial.  That is all you have to do Mr. Candidate.

Now, I as a citizen can make an informed decision without having to go to fact check online, or every slanted web site etc.  I am able to gain a trust that you can articulate, put a budget together for my state and create jobs.  You have now spent your money wisely.

For anyone who voted and is going to vote in the future, demand this obvious approach to political advertising.  (It worked for Obama…whether you like him or not)

Mr. Candidate, I have just officially helped you get elected! Now, hire me to build your next campaign.

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