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Common Sense? What is that?

I’m Phillip Deems and I approve of this message.  Sorry, just trying to gratuitously plug another blog post…

Anyway, has everyone out there noticed a decline in Common Sense?  Let me help you answer that…I have!

I am generalizing here, but I have noticed that people are not really even trying anymore.  Here are a couple of different areas where we fail miserably as a population when it comes to common sense.

1. Driving (wreksalot syndrome)– What side of the road is the fast lane?  Slowing down traffic is just as dangerous as driving too fast.  Put the phone down while driving.  Also, stop smoking with one hand and talking with the other…SERIOUSLY!  Pay attention folks.

2. Dressing (dunlap disease) – My favorite is the pants below your butt thing!  I know that I am old school, but I would just love to run up to someone one day and yank their pants down on camera…too easy!  I am all for trendy, but when you can see an individuals ass, I don’t consider that a trend…that is just public nudity.  Also, dress for your body type please.  I don’t want to see your belly poking out from under your shirt or your love handles flowing over your jeans.  I like having an appetite.  Pay attention folks.

3. Conversations (foot.n.mouth syndrome) – Make sure you think before you speak.  Racist jokes are not funny to me.  No, there is nothing wrong with people who don’t want to have kids…stop asking.  Never ask if someone is pregnant.  They may just be overweight.  FYI…avoid lies.  They are the main culprit of foot in mouth syndrome.  But, blunt honesty is not acceptable either.  Just think before you speak and pay attention folks. 

I will stop there, but I would like to hear from you.  What type of common sense situations do you think have gone the way of the warrior?  A discussion is in order here.  Let’s Make Common Sense A Common Occurence.

2 comments on “Common Sense? What is that?

  1. josh adams
    September 8, 2010

    i dont know why they call it COMMON SENSE because evdently its not that common.

    • PhillipDeems
      September 8, 2010

      Apparently not! I think we will now have to teach common sense. Feel the irony.

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