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Phillip Deems

Time to build a plan!

Now that you have chosen what you want to do and put your choice through a litmus test, it’s time to build a plan.  Although everyone’s choice in life is going to vary, there is a formula to getting your journey started.  Let’s keep it simple. 

Build a list of things to do.  You learned from your mom or your spouse how to build and execute a task list.  Starting your journey toward success is no different.  If your choice was to get a new job, your list should look something like this:

  • Update my resume and linkedin page /(Use creative approaches such as a video resume) Complete by Thursday
  • Build my dream job database / Complete by Monday
  • Apply to jobs in the database / Complete by Friday
  • Practice being interviewed / Complete by Friday

You get the drift.  This again, makes your goals tangible.  Don’t forget to set your completion deadlines for each and every step.  Use your outlook calendar or iPhone calendar if you have to.  Do not miss one deadline.  If you do, it will snowball.  There are no excuses for slipping on your own timelines.

Take your time getting started.  Do not make this process complex by using crazy formulas etc…KEEP IT SIMPLE and easy to execute.  Now you have reached through the Concept stage and your headed toward Completion. 

Chat with ya tomorrow.

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