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Phillip Deems

How To Start A Business…I Mean Relationship?

Starting a business is not easy.  It is just as difficult to find the right person in life when it comes to a relationship.  If you are currently single and are looking to get your dream relationship started, try this exercise. 

  • Build your business/relationship proposal.  Put a plan together that includes your likes, dislikes, expectations and needs when it comes to your ideal business (oops relationship).  Define what will make you happy. 
  • Plan how you are going to execute on your business/relationship proposal.  Write down an outline that sets your relationship goals from Concept to Completion.  (Note:  Completion in this case is getting your relationship started.  We will get into Marriage later.)   Be clear about the type of individual that you feel will fit into your initial proposal.
  • Execute your plan!   Follow your outline to success.  Make sure that along the way you are aware that your plan may change.  Good businesses are flexible and are willing to adapt to change from the beginning…so are good relationships.

Whether you take this approach literally or not…being transparent, honest and open is important to starting a good relationship.  Start off on the right foot by setting a realistic and attainable goal toward the beginning of a new relationship!

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