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Phillip Deems

Protect The Brand That Is Your Relationship!

Your relationship as a business is worth a lot.  That is why it is important to protect your assets when it comes to your spouse, your fiance or your girl/boyfriend.  Here are some important business practices that can work in your relationship.

  • Avoid collusion.  Do not explicitly collude with outsiders to gain favor in standing.  You and your partner should be protectors of the brand that is your relationship.  Open and honest business practices are the only way to go.  Be transparent.
  • Build brand loyalty through good advertisement.  Couples that promote themselves (subtly) through outward signs of happiness and morally healthy signs of affection, have the strongest brand.  A strong company with a good foundation is hard to compete against.  Don’t let outside forces influence your brand.
  • Develop meaningful B2B relationships.  A good business to business relationship can be beneficial to future growth.  Align your company with other companies that will benefit you in the long run.  Simply put, make friends with other couples that will be mutually beneficial in terms of likes and dislikes.  This will help with keeping the fun in your relationship.
  • Slow growth is the best type of growth.  Volatility is bad for business and bad for your relationship!  So take your time and grow slowly.  Slow growth guarantees less problems in the future.  Build a solid foundation that will help you get through the future ups and downs in the market (oops I mean in your relationship).

Be loyal to your brand, advertise your best assets, develop meaningful business to business relationships and take your time to grow slowly.  Your relationships assets will grow from there!

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