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Yep, My Wife and I Have Hawaiian Shirt Fridays…At The House!

Just recently I read an article that gave 5 strategies for making the work place fun.  Read the article when you get a chance, but here are the high level bullet points. 

  1. Design space for mingling
  2. Make the day-to-day more entertaining
  3. Be spontaneous
  4. Be creative and remember creative doesn’t mean expensive
  5. Stick it out

Okay…do you want to take this one or should I?  



Obvious right!  Well why aren’t you as the CEO or CFO of your relationship trying to…

  1. Design a home that you mingle in – Develop ways to spend more time with your other half.  (see #1 above)
  2. Making your home more entertaining  – Cooking more, spending more time together on the patio etc…(see #2 above)
  3. Being spontaneous – (This one is obvious…And sure, I mean sex.  see #3 above)
  4. Being creative when it doesn’t have to be expensive – Theme an evening at the house!  (see #4 above)
  5. Sticking it out – when more relationships are breaking at an alarming rate.  (see #5 above)

I am making this correlation for one reason.  Your home is your happy place.  Spend as much time working on your home relationship as you do on your work environment.  The balance is overtly rewarding and profitable.

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