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Phillip Deems

“Angellip”…The Fortune 500 Household!

Did you know that the “Deems Household”  (I like to call it Angellip) was just named a Fortune 500 Household?  No…well actually it wasn’t, but that is what we are shooting for.  Here’s how!

  • Gross Revenue – We are working smarter and harder to increase our total worth.
  • Smart Spending – There is minimal needless spending.  We will plan vacations and budget for fun accordingly, but outside of team building exercises…we communicate on every dollar spent.
  • Smart Saving – Our company will be placing the proper dollars aside for future asset reallocation.  (Retirement)
  • Fun Work Environment – Although this is not a factor in standard Fortune 500 companies, we feel this will help productivity within the company (Our household).  It will foster a transparent environment that breeds success.  (LOVE…awwww)

I do joke about the links between successful business and successful relationships frequently, but we do practice these principles as closely as possible.  We don’t make it a chore, we make it a part of our lives and have fun with it!  You too may join “Angellip” as a Fortune 500 household!

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