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Phillip Deems

It’s in your best interest… (The Parachute Pants Theory)

FYI, this is not me.

It’s in your best interest TO CHANGE.  I am constantly hearing about how great it used to be and I wish we could go back to doing it this way or that way.  Well…sorry, it is not going to happen and I for one am glad!

Think of “the way it used to be” as your old girlfriend or boyfriend who was cool at the time, but you couldn’t stand the site of them now.  Think of “the way it used to be” as a pair of parachute pants from the 80’s that made sense back then, but would definitely get you mocked if you wore them today.  Think of “the way it used to be” as Pong.  (enough said)  Think of “the way it used to be” as just “the ground work” for new industry, new technologies and new medical advancements that make our world better. 

The “Industrial Evolution” is upon us and for you to succeed in any way shape or form in the future, you will need to embrace change.  Change should be a part of your vernacular  or your everyday speech.  Do not be afraid of change.  There is nothing to fear.  Don’t embrace it…and the world will leave you sitting in your parachute pants, playing pong as your old flame mocks you incessantly.  (Ooooooh that sounds horrible.  No thanks)

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This entry was posted on January 28, 2011 by in Change.
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