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Phillip Deems

I’m A Sucker And So Are You!

Okay, not everyone is a sucker, but let me tell you why I am labeling myself as such.

The cable company reeled me in, my insurance company has reeled me in and my mobile provider has assuredly reeled me in (scaled and gutted me).  Each and every one of them gave me FANTASTIC offers to get me to sign up for their services.  But, after many years of loyal bill paying on my part, I have seen nothing but increases.  Yeah, Yeah…I get it. 

Wait a second though!  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Why would I say that?  Because every month I see my same providers offering my neighbors, my friends and my counterparts more FANTASTIC deals to reel them in too!  So, when I call them to ask for the same up to date offer due to my loyalty, they say… “That is only for new subscribers”.  This is backwards folks. 

My advice…treat your existing subscription base to a FANTASTIC deal every now and then.  Don’t forget about me.  Your Loyal Customer.

  WHY?  I have more options now than ever before.  I can watch ALL of my favorite programs online allowing me to cut back on my cable needs.  I can buy a magic jack for $20 bucks a year which helps me unbundle my cable subscription or I can now officially change my wireless carrier and still get the mobile phone I want at a FANTASTIC price. 

I just might make the change today!  You make the call and demand the same.  Thank you competition.  Who is the sucker now?

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