Im Your Ad Guy

Phillip Deems

Second Place ROCKS!

How many times have you heard tough guys say, “Second place is the first loser!  Uhhh huh huh.”  “If you can’t be #1 don’t even play the game!”  Yep, we get it tough guy!!!!  You actually win everything you do…is that correct?  NOPE!

Ask any billionaire how many times they have failed?  The answer will surprise you.  They have more failures than most people have attempts.  

So settle for nothing less than #1, but understand sometimes it doesn’t suck to be #2.  Here is one surprising example.

Apple back in October of last year was #3 in PC sales.  (Surprise!  They are not #1) But, if you include the iPad as a PC (many do), they are a clear #1. 

So, I want you to go out and fail your butt off…until you’re #1.

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