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If Your Friends Jumped Off A Bridge Would You Follow…

Would You Jump?

Photo By: federico stevanin

Hell no…that would just be stupid!  So why is this even a question that a parent would ask their child.  What?  Like some kid is going to go, YEP!  (If so, you have bigger issues than just surviving a fall off of a bridge)  Here is what your mother or father meant when they asked that question.

Are you a leader or a follower?

If you are a leader, Great!  You obviously have it all figured out.  I won’t even try to teach you anything. 

If you are a follower, not so great.  Let me clarify…I am not talking about taking orders at work, following rules or following the law for god sake.  No…I am talking about you as a person.  Answer these questions for me.

  1. Do you have a cause?  Any cause?  Are you passionate about anything?
  2. Do you speak up for that cause.  Do you act on your passions?
  3. Do you have a mind of your own or do you just think like the person you are hanging with for that day?
  4. Do you take on the personality of other people.  Dress like them, act like them etc.
  5. Do you follow trends?

Please think about the questions above.  Answer them for yourself and no one else.  Be honest!  If you are not passionate about anything, don’t have a cause, think like everyone else and follow the trends…you may be missing out on life! 

“A life without passion, is a life not worth living.”  Find your passion.  Follow your dreams, no matter how ridiculous.  Be yourself!  Take on a cause and make a difference. 

Not everyone can lead at everything, but everyone can lead something.  Rethink what you are doing and forget about following your friends off of that bridge.  Just jump first!  (Figuratively, of course)

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This entry was posted on February 12, 2011 by in Change, Planning.
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