Im Your Ad Guy

Phillip Deems

Are You On Auto-Pilot?

…Uhhhhhh, this is your pilot speaking. Uhhhhhh, does anyone know how to land this thing?
How awful would it be to hear that at 20,000 feet.

Well, that is how many people are living their life and running their businesses now a days.  They get off the ground just fine…they get to cruising altitude and turn on the Auto-Pilot.  So, you go a long time just cruising, all while the more exciting pilots are learning how to do stunts, tricks and flips with the same plane. 

Auto-Pilot is boring!  Try soaring to new heights by making new friends, traveling or being spontaneous.  Try launching your business into orbit by advertising, social networking or developing new products.  

Remember…your plane will crash one day and it will only crash once!  Don’t wait until then to learn new, fun and exciting ways to fly! 

*Disclaimer:  Auto-Pilot is AWESOME when it comes to LITERAL air travel.  If you are piloting my next flight, please understand I am not talking to you!

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