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Phillip Deems

Relevant…The Moving Target

“Stay relevant”!  How many times have you heard that.  Well as true as it may be, it is not that easy.  Why?  Relevant is a MOVING TARGET.

So, how do you hit Relevant more often than not?

  1. Practice – Old techniques may not be enough to hit the “New and Improved Relevant” such as fast-moving technology, a new customer base and new competition.  Practice staying sharp and focused on your customer. 
  2. Study – Listen to what the marketplace and your customers are saying.  This allows you to keep up with new approaches.  It also opens up the opportunity for you to stay one step ahead of your competition.
  3. Take Risks –  Don’t be afraid to try something new through calculated risk taking.  Never alienate your customer base, but be ready and willing to improve their experience with your product or service.
  4. React Swiftly – It is very important to stay agile as an individual or company.  If someone complains, react immediately with a caring response that lets your customer know you are there.  If your competition starts stealing your customer base…react immediately before it’s too late.

No matter what, you have to be ready to change.  Always be on the look out for ways to improve, then execute relentlessly on improvements that make sense. 

Let’s Recap!  Practice what is working to stay sharp.  Study the market and your competition by listening.  Take risks by embracing new technologies, new products and new approaches.  Then react swiftly to the market to stay one step ahead.

Now go hit that moving target!

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