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Only You Can Define Perfect!

My journey to 40 continues.  May 2013 is not too far away!  Here is what I am working on today that I think might help you on your Journey to 4.0.

Yesterday I mentioned how a Fighter’s Mentality is a great mindset for success.  I urge you to find the fighter inside yourself so can you relentlessly go after your definition of perfect.  So, what is defined perfection?

Don’t pick up a dictionary…that is not going to help you.  Perfection is not this unobtainable thing floating in the ether…No it is something that is personal, something that is defined by YOU.  That is the next step toward a successful life, to truly define what you want so you know EXACTLY what to relentlessly go after.  Take note of the word relentless.  You will come to understand that if you are passionate about something, you will go get it…no matter what.  Obstacles become a part of the fun of it…you will start to smile in the face of adversity.  So keep that in mind when you start to define your perfect life…your Version 4.0!

So, where do you get started?  It’s simple, you need to look at these two areas of your life. 

1. Personal – This is the part of your life that includes family, dating, travel, your ideal body type etc… As you begin to look at this area, you need to focus on the big picture.  Are you spending enough time with your loved ones?  Have you seen everything you want to see?  Is your married life or dating life as good as you want it to be?  Are you healthy and is your body type ideal?  As you get to some things that you think fit into your definition of perfect, WRITE THEM DOWN on a piece of paper as a list.  Place them under the PERSONAL CATEGORY in short phrases or words if you can scale it down that far.  When you think you have expended your personal list, move on to the second step.

2. Professional – Okay, this area is pretty self explanatory.  You need to write down your ultimate career, no matter whether it is in the field you are working in right now or not.  Think of what is important to you.  Is it money?  Is it happiness?  Or is it both…be really honest with yourself.  This is your perfection.  Write the items down on your list under the PROFESSIONAL CATEGORY, but make sure it is on a separate list or sheet of paper.  Again, focus on just the big picture, don’t worry about the details yet.  We will get to how you properly pair things down in another post.

That’s it for now.  Spend some time on this assignment…you will learn a lot about yourself and what is important to you.  Let’s now get to work on your definition of perfection.  Remember, it’s just about big picture stuff right now…don’t overwhelm yourself with details right now.  With your Fighter’s Mentality and a clearly defined Perfect Life…you now have a goal to relentlessly pursue. 

I’ll be working on my list this evening, will you?  I am preparing for my next fight…FORTY.

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