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Mindset: The Fighter’s Mentality

My journey to 40…your journey to 4.0…starts with a mindset.  You can’t define your perfection or even get to your ultimate life unless you change the way you think.  Knowing that “Life Is A Game That Should Be Played Passionately”, I suggest you acquire The Fighter’s Mentality.  What gives me the right to define this type of mentality?  It begins with my early years.

I had a great childhood that included fantastic parents, engaged family members and friends that were well-rounded.  (Sometimes they got me in trouble, but for the most part…I was a good kid)  I played baseball and football every year of my life starting at the age of 5 all the way to the age of 22.  A banged up shoulder ended my baseball career in my first year of college…but I digress.  

Back to the early years…being 100 pounds soaking wet hampered my ability to grow up in a fairly tough part of town.  So, I started by surrounding myself with BIG athletic friends and people who could take care of themselves.  Not a bad start, but a couple of scary situations forced me to find my own inner “tough guy”. 

So, I started kickboxing at the age of 15.  It turns out that I ended up being pretty good at it.  After moving through several fighting styles, I ended up teaching a hybrid style that included Thai Boxing and Ground Fighting…essentially what is called Mixed Martial Arts now a days.  (It was 1996, UFC was in its early years) After about 18 years of learning, training and fighting…two concussions, torn ligaments and a broken hand just to name a few, I finally called it quits at the age of 24.  But, what I didn’t know back then was that I had developed a STRONG MINDSET that would guide every decision I would make in my life.

A Fighter’s Mentality has helped my professional life which included stints at PBS and CBS in Jacksonville, Florida, time at CNN in Atlanta and now CBS, Orlando.  Post-Newsweek has placed a great deal of time and effort in me and I am thankful for their faith.  A Fighter’s Mentality also, helped me close the deal with the most beautiful woman in the world…my wife is smart, sexy, loyal to our relationship and continues to be my biggest fan (and I am her biggest fan).  So, for the most part, my life is already considered a success by most.  But, it’s not enough!  My inner fighter won’t allow me to stop striving for better.

I won’t stop fighting for a better life for my wife, my family and me until my last breath.  This is The Fighter’s Mentality and it is what differentiates me from a great deal of people.  Everyday begins with this mindset…from my car drive into work ( I even play the music loud in the mornings.  It’s my walk out to the ring so to speak)…to the moment I close my eyes to go to sleep.  This mindset guides my ambition and relentless pursuit of my defined perfection.  Knowing that life is a prize-fight, you need to battle for the career you want, the relationship you want and the body you need to live a healthy life until the bell rings (there is no “tapping out” when it comes to your life).  Figuratively knock out anyone or anything that gets in your way and when you get knocked down…get right back up, there are still many more rounds left.

Cheesy or not…this mindset WILL get you what you want, need and deserve.  Here is where your journey to 4.0 begins…“The Fighter’s Mentality” is in you.  It should guide your decisions from this point forward and will help you as you take a journey with me toward 40. 

Now let’s discuss how you can even know what you want in life without “Defining Your Own Perfection”.

6 comments on “Mindset: The Fighter’s Mentality

  1. Peggy Kellogg
    June 25, 2012

    Phillip, I totally agree. I also grew up in a loving family. I never wanted for much of anything. I would define my childhood as near perfect. However, that changed rapidly when I became an adult. When I was 23, my mom died suddenly. My dad’s death followed a few years later. I found myself thrust into the real world in a job for which I had no training. I taught myself programming and systems analysis on the job in a very male dominated company. It took a long time to earn the respect of my co-workers, but I did. When I was 31, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This put a real wrench in my life plans, but I was absolutely positive I would beat the disease. Five years following my surgery, I was pronounced cured. I was 36 and unmarried, and my biological clock was about to strike midnight. Though many people told me it was a terrible idea, I went to a doctor and had artificial insemination from an unknown donor. I won’t kid you. Being a single parent while working full time in a very demanding profession wasn’t easy, but I would go back and do it all over again for my daughter. I don’t believe in giving up or giving in. We may not be able to achieve everything we want out of life, but we won’t know unless we try. This is a philosophy I’ve tried to instill in my daughter. Based on what I see, it seems to have taken. So, hang in there. Keep fighting for what you want out of life. The rewards are worth the struggle.

    • PhillipDeems
      June 25, 2012

      Peggy, your story inspires me and gives me even more motivation. I look forward to your feedback as I take my journey for myself and as I try to help others on their journey to 4.0. It looks like your the type of fighter I want as a part of my project. Thanks and share if you like.

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  5. Adil
    October 16, 2013

    This life is nothing without trying
    Searching for truth until I’m dying
    Looking for peace, in this everyday riot
    Help me Lord to keep this fire
    Wont give up
    not even when am dying

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